YIV @ 12th China International Children’s Cartoon Competition

Members of Youth Initiative Vancouver helped coordinate the event, distributing materials to special guests, setting up the venue, and organizing the award presentation procedures. Along with a dozen volunteers from Simon Fraser University, YIV’s volunteers formed the backbone of the task force at this 200-person-plus event.

Volunteer Group Photo

The award ceremony for the 12th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival and China International Children Cartoon Competition held at Art Institute of Vancouver on July 10, 2016 and their paintings also launched exhibition free to public until the end of October.

Distinguished guests including several Canadian MPs.

China International Cartoon and Animation Festival is China’s largest cartoon and animation event. As one of its most successful companion events, China International Children’s Cartoon Competition is an influential children’s cultural activity in China and a great platform for cultural exchange with other countries.

2016 is a special year for the China International Animation Festival. Since Wan brothers created the first silent cartoon “Row Studio” in 1926, this year is the 90th anniversary of Chinese animation. The world major economics G20 summit will be held in Hangzhou in September and it is also the first ever G20 summit to be hosted in China, as the largest exhibition and arts event in China, the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival has the opportunity to show the cultural soft power to the world. China International Cartoon Competition North Division is proud of letting our children to become part of this international event. With the spread of the effects of G20, the young artists’ creativity and imagination could fly over the world.

An array of award-winning compositions.

China International Children Cartoon Competition made its international exhibition debut in Canada in 2014 and 50 award-winning artworks were on display in Vancouver. The Competition decided to set up the International Division in 2015 and Goldstone International Education Group won the right to host the North American Division Competition. In 2016 the Canada Creative Industry Association and Goldstone International Education Group joined forces to host the competition. To further enhance brand awareness, the Art Institute of Vancouver came on board as college support, and Mr. Zheng Shengtian, the adjunct director of Vancouver Art Gallery Asian Institute, acted as honorary adviser.

The event attracted over 300 people, including official from Consulate-General of People’s Republic of China in Vancouver and Canada’s three levels of government, judges, teachers, local artists, community leaders, and media friends. They participated in award ceremony, exhibition opening, art workshop and other fun activities. All participants enjoyed a vibrant colorful summer afternoon!

Brian Parker, President of the Art Institute of Vancouver

Thanks all sponsors, organizers, and supporters:
Award Prize Title Sponsor—
Upower Financial
Silver Sponsor—
Tom Lee Piano
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Pacific Electronic Security
Tech Travel
Ms. Hong Xu from Canada West Vancouver Asian Association

Distinguished Jury Panel--
Gu Xiong, Professor of Department of Art History, Visual Art, and Theory at the University of British Columbia
Rav Grewal, Director of Photography and Head of Previs and Layout at Bron Studios
Andrew McDermott, Former president and a senior member for the Federation of Canadian Artists
Diana Freundl, Curator at Institute of Asian Art in Vancouver Art Gallery
Mila Kostic, President of Richmond Art Gallery Association
Daemon Baldwin, Graphic designer and art instructor
Jesse Daniel, Comedian and art instructor

Committee Members of North American Division–
Honorary Adviser— Zheng Shengtian
Honorary Chair—Yu Junzuo
Co-Chair–Helen Qian、Vesna Maljkovic
Executive Chair—Maggie Li
Vice-Chair—Henry Zhang、Jade Su、Binbin Huang、Eden Zhang

Art Studios and schools—St. George’s School、Pythagoras Academy、Zhou Qian Art Studio、Ottawa Tian Cai Art Studio、Lily Yuan Art Studio、Bing Ni Art Studio、The 8th Dimension Comic Studio、Image September Art Studio、West Vancouver Geng Yan Studio、Muse Art Studio、Tang Dynasty Art Studio、Cocktail Art Studio、Barococ Art Studio

Participating Organizations—China National Youth and Children’s Palace Association、China Association for Children’s Plastic Arts、Organizing Committee of China、 International Cartoon and Animation Festival、Goldstone Education Group (Canada)、
Canada Creative Industry Association、The Art Institute of Vancouver、Canadian Foundation for Transnational Investment & Culture、Canada Lahoo Communications、
Canada Wechat Media Group、Youth Initiative Vancouver、Young Artists in Action、FMA Entertainment Ltd.、Stage One、SFU-STC Volunteers、 St. George’s-YIV Volunteers

Media Sponsor—Sing Tao Daily、Ming Pao、Dawa News、Global Chinese Press、China Daily、Westca.com、BCbay.com、Han Jia Feng、Lahoo、I News Network、Englishzhao.com、Van001.com